Waste shed

Are you going to build a garbage bin enclosure or decking?

Here is some good advice so both you and our waste collectors will be happy!



Build a large enough enclosure to accommodate several or larger bins in the future. Waste collection is subject to change. It may be relevant to sort into several fractions, and you may need more bins in the future. Consider that you may need a separate garbage bin for diapers at a later time.

It is an advantage if you choose to have a roof and plinth on the shed. Then you avoid snow removal in the winter, and mowing around and under the bins in the summer. Recommended ceiling height is a minimum of 2 meters.

Even if there is a roof on the shed, it is important that you keep the front free of snow and weeds, so that the garbage collectors have easy access to the bins.

Wheeled garbage bins

If you have wheeled garbage bins, the enclosure/decking should be levelled with the ground. The wheeled containers must be easy to roll out from the shed, when they are heavy and full of waste. They must be placed with the handle out, so that the garbage collectors easily can tilt the containers, and roll them to the truck for emptying. If placed the other way around, they are difficult to turn. Especially if there is little space and the bins are close together.

A good solution may be to have an opening on both sides of the shed. Remember that the shed must be high enough to open the lid completely.



It is important that you shovel snow in the winter, and keep all weeds and twigs away from the bins placed on a deck.  Ensure that our garbage collectors easily can obtain your waste.


Precautions - wind and pest (animals)

If there is a lot of wind or you have problems with uninvited guests in a bin, it can be attached (screwed) to the plinth or deck. If it is necessary to attach the bin lid, we recommend a fastening device that is easily operated and opened when the garbage collectors come to collect your waste. Feel free to use a strap or something similar. Do not use a stones or other heavy objects on top of the lid.


If you have questions, just get in touch with us!

We are happy to help you with planning your shed!