How to rent a bin for diapers

How to rent a bin for diapers

Wheeled bins for diapers/nappies can be rented from VKR at a price of NOK. 250, - pr. year.

Such bins are numbered and registered to the particular subscriber.

Fill in a diaper agreement form further down this page, and press the submit button. We will soon deliver a bin and diaper disposal bags to you.

The diapers must be placed in transparent diaper disposal bags. It is important that the container is only used for diapers. It cannot be used for other waste categories. In that case, it will not be emptied!

To get more diaper disposal bags, contact the customer centre on phone at 61 36 38 66, or get more bags at a recycling station. Diaper disposal bags are free!

When the need for a separate diaper bin ceases, you must terminate the agreement yourself.  

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