Home composting

You can compost your food waste at home. There are several methods. The easiest way is to use a type of backyard Compost Bin. Here you can compost the food waste together with your garden refuse.

You can compost your food waste inside your kitchen bench. This require a composting bin with a high temperature, that converts the waste into soil in a quick and efficient manner.

This type of composting provides an environmental benefit, you help to avoid production of harmful greenhouse gases, emission during transport, and harmful compounds that can be formed during waste incineration. As an added bonus you get very nutritious soil for the garden.

If you sign a written agreement on home composting, the waste fee will be reduced by 20%.

If you compost the food waste in your manure cellar you can sign the same written agreement on home composting, and reduce the fee in the same way.

Contact the customer centre on phone 61 36 38 66 or e-mail post@vkr.no for more information and help to sign the agreement.